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Bucharest (Bucuresti, Bukarest), Romania Capital is a beautiful city with parks, nice palaces and museums. With 2.3 millions inhabitants it remains, after the cold war end, one of the most undiscovered European cities.



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Palace of Parliament - The biggest palace in the world.

Address: Calea 13 Septembrie. The second largest building in the world after U.S. Pentagon, built by the megalomaniac dictator Ceausescu to house his government, and lavishly decorated.

Now open for tours with Admission $2.

More about Parliament Palace...

Atheneum Roman Romanian Athenaeum
- this Palace is the place where the classic music and the french style architecture have joined. Grand simphonic concerts or classical music festivals. Free admission in the palace.

Romanian Atheneum is situated in Revolution Plaza (on Bd. Calea Victoriei) near Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, Royal Palace Art Museum and Central Universitary Library.

More about National Art Museum - Royal Palace...

Cotroceni Palace
- The Royal Palace now Presidencial Residency and also a museum.

Just minutes from Cotroceni Palace (across the street Bd. Iuliu Maniu) is situated Botanical Garden.



Night Life:


Bucharest is famous for its very intensive night life. Romanian people is a latin one and the romanians love to live the life. Casinos, Bars, Pubs, Discos are opened all night long (till 5 AM or 6 AM).

Classic Music or theatre lovers can attend to Operas, Theaters and Simphonies spectacles at Opera Romana, National Thetre or other theatres, Sala Palatului and Romanian Atheneum.


Top attractions:

Palace of Parliament - The biggest palace in the world (Admission $2) - is also hosting now a museum of art.

Royal Palace, National Art Museum - the imposing palace of King Carol II. (Admission $3).

Village Museum - Open-air museum Soseaua Kiseleff 28-30. Over 300 houses, churches and mills from all over Romania, showing the extreme diversity of folk architecture. Situated in Herastrau Park. (Admission $2)

Cotroceni Palace and Botanical Garden - the Royal Palace and nowadays presidential residence having a wing opened as museum.

Mogosoaia Palace Museum - built in 17th Century (1698) is a nice museum of art

Curtea Veche - Medieval ruins Strada Iuliu Maniu 31. The ruins of the palace of Vlad the Impaler ("Dracula"), and the city's oldest church, built in 1546-1558.

Patriarchal Cathedral and Deputies Palace. Situated on the Mitropoliei Hill (near Plaza Unirea - Union Square). The Orthodox Cathedral (1655-68), with the later belltower, Patriarch's Palace, and the former Palace of the Chamber of Deputies alongside.

National History Museum - Calea Victoriei (near United Nation Plaza).

Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" - Victoria Square (Plaza Victoriei)

Peasant and Folk Culture Museum - Victoria Square (Plaza Victoriei)

Cismigiu Park near City Hall, on Kogalniceanu Bd.

National Army Museum, situated near Gara de Nord railway station.

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