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· Palace of Parliament is still the tallest building in Bucharest and is the second largest building in the world. See the Photo Gallery with Parliament Palace Interior.

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Union Hall in Parliament Palace has 16m-high and 2,200sqm large. The sliding ceiling was designed wide enough for a helicopter to land.


Parliament Palace viewed from Unirea Plaza.

Ceausescu's Palace


Address: Nr 1, Calea 13 Septembrie, Bucuresti
Phone. (+40)1- 311-36-11,
Fax (+4-01) 312 09 02,
email: cic@camera.ro
Open 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
Admission 60,000 lei = $2,
International students $1
Photography fee: $2, video fee: $8. Guided tours start at entrance A.

Ceausescu wanted to build in Bucharest the "Victory of Socialism Centre". The Unirea Boulevard is the former Victory of Socialism boulevard. The biggest palace in the world, having 84m high, a number of unknown storey on underground (anti-atomic) the second biggest building in the world by area (330,000m2) was to be the central element of Ceausescu's Communist Bucharest. It was build for Presidency, Parliament and Government. Today it serves as the seat of the Romanian Deputies Chamber Parliament.

Ceausescu tried to escape in 22-Dec-1989 using a helicpoter that took off from the Royal Palace on actual Revolution Plaza crowded with anger Romanian Revolutionaries. Ceausescu was captured by the people and army forces and was executed on Christmas Day, 1989. At that time only the outside façade and three interior rooms had been completed. The Union hall's 1,000 m2, 14-ton carpet was woven with special machines. 3,500 tons of crystal were used for the chandeliers. The heftiest chandelier in the small parliament hall weighs three tons (6000 lbs) and has 7,000 light bulbs. Romanians are proud that the building was designed solely by Romanian architects using purely Romanian materials.

The excellent guided tours last 45 minutes; English, French and German-speaking guides are available.







Top attractions:

· Palace of Parliament - The biggest palace in the world (Admission $2).

· Royal Palace, National Art Museum - the imposing palace of King Carol II. (Admission $3).

· Village Museum - Open-air museum Soseaua Kiseleff 28-30. Over 300 houses, churches and mills from all over Romania, showing the extreme diversity of folk architecture. (Admission $2)

· Cotroceni Palace and Botanical Garden - the Royal Palace and nowadays presidential residence having a wing opened as museum.

· Curtea Veche - Medieval ruins Strada Iuliu Maniu 31. The ruins of the palace of Vlad the Impaler ("Dracula"), and the city's oldest church, built in 1546-1558.

· Patriarchal Cathedral and Deputies Palace. Situated on the Mitropoliei Hill (near Unirea Plaza). The Orthodox Cathedral (1655-68), with the later belltower, Patriarch's Palace, and the former Palace of the Chamber of Deputies alongside.

· National History Museum - Calea Victoriei (near United Nation Plaza).

· Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" - Victoria Plaza

· Peasant and Folk Culture Museum - Victoria Plaza

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